Pioneer crank arm power meter

I am having problems connecting my pioneer 6800crank arm power meter to zwift, any suggestions?

Need a lot more info to assist you.

PC, Mac, iOS or AppleTV?

ANT+ or Bluetooth?

The more info you give use the better we can assist you.

I was trying to connect using my iPhone (iOS) with the zwift app, using Bluetooth. It connected my HR monitor no problem. Both my garmin speed sensor and my power meter have been paired with my Edge 520 with no problems. I had the edge disabled while trying to connect to zwift. I’m wondering if I need some sort of ant+ device to pair with the power meter…

From what I am seeing the Pioneer power meter is ANT+ only so you would need to get a device like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ to Bluetooth so you can connect it to your iPhone.

I also have a power meter that is ANT+ only, and was bummed when I found that I couldn’t connect it to my iPhone. So I run Zwift on my laptop using a USB ANT+ sensor (like this one).  I then use the Zwift Mobile Link App during a ride for the controls (your phone will communicate with Zwift running laptop via Bluetooth). Like Paul said, to run Zwift from your phone, you’ll have to get an ANT+ sensor for your phone. The problem is that no one makes a great ANT+ sensor for current model phones (I noticed the product link he sent is unavailable). Another option is to get this ANT+ sensor (for old iPhones) and then get this connector to convert it from a 30-pin connection to your modern iPhone. I have a friend that connects using this approach. 


I was just showing that as an example, if you do a quick search (like this:Google Search) you will find some for sale. Oh and BTW people are having a lot of issue with the Wahoo Key after the recent iOS updates.

Great to know! Thanks, Paul.