Zwift does not recognize Pioneer power meter

Anybody having trouble having Zwift recognize Pioneer Power Meter? Any suggestions?

The powermeter transmits in ANT+ only, you need aa ANT+ dongle or some device to bridge to BLE (or you can use your mobile phone if you have built-in ANT+).

So I am using a ANT+ dongle which reads Vector 3, Quartz powermeter, bit will not read Pioneer. On the other hanbd my Pioneer power meter, connects to both my Elment computer and Garmin watch. The only missing piece is for Pioneer to connect to Zwift.

Ok, no idea anymore, sorry.

Newer generation Pioneers also broadcast in Bluetooth. If it’s a newer version try Bluetooth.

Older generations broadcast in two different versions of ANT+ (you need to manually switch between the two). One can be read by Zwift/Garmin and one can only be read by Pioneer computers and certain Wahoo computers . But if you’re Garmin can read it then it should be broadcasting okay.