Those using power meters with Zift....quick question...

(Bill Verdon) #1

Do you also feed the power meter into your normal bike computer…such as your garmin device? If so, do the watts match on zwift and your computer?

(Allan Watkins) #2

Yup and yup

(Kyle Polansky) #3

Sometimes, and yes.

(Nikolaj Bugge) #4


(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #5

Sometimes, and yes.

(Shawn DeBoer) #6

I recently installed a Power2Max crank-based power meter (ANT+) and, as expected, watts on the Garmin and on Zwift are the same. The real test for me will be P2M watts to garmin and Cycleops Powerbeam Pro (smart trainer) watts to Zwift. Will be interested to see how close the two are.

(Roy Ezell_50womentokona) #7

Yes. Powertap pm displays ~the same data on screen and my Garmin 500.

(Mat D.[X]) #8

Yes, only to keep tracks of the average during my intervals since Zwift doesn’t have this option for now.

(Chris Hayward (B)) #9

I go a step further and have TrainerRoad running on my iPhone for my scheduled workout. Everything matches perfectly. Zwift just displays what is broadcasted by your power meter.

(Ross Moore) #10

No, I don’t feed mine to my Garmin, however sometimes I run Trainerroad and the figures are pretty similar. The difference is I think Trainerroad uses Power Smoothing where as I cannot see that option on Zwift.

(Kevin Hogsed) #11

They’re very close, if not exactly the same. I’m using a Joule GPS as my cycle computer, and a Stages power meter.

(David Riggans TeamODZ) #12

So a power meter will broadcast through ANT+ to both Zwift and a Garmin? That would be nice!

I thought the whole idea with ANT+ was to broadcast to only one associated receiver so that multiple devices won’t track the info. For example, when riding in a group, that’s what allows your Garmin to pick up only your power meter and not all your friends’ power meters as well.

I have a KICKR and would like to broadcast my power data to both Zwift and a Garmin (if I were to buy one), but thought this wouldn’t be possible.

(Kyle Polansky) #13

David, you are correct that you can broadcast your ANT+ power meter to both Zwift and your Garmin head unit at the same time.

ANT+ does transmit one way, so you can have one transmitter (such as a power meter) picked up by many receivers at the same time. The opposite is not very easy without a special receiver. You typically cannot pick up multiple transmitters with one receiver. The reason that you don’t see your friend’s power data on group rides is that they haven’t paired your power meter with their Garmin. Same thing in Zwift, after you find your device in the pairing screen, it will keep reading from that device even if there are multiple other devices in range.

Hope this answers your question!

(David Riggans TeamODZ) #14


It does! Thank you very much.