Power differences between Zwift and Garmin

I have a Stages left crank power meter and a garmin 530 head unit. When I set up my ride in Zwift I choose the Stages power meter.

While riding the Garmin head unit will display higher watts by 20 - 45 watts from what Zwift is displaying and recording.

Any thoughts why there would be such a difference.

One thing that I can think of is you may have 3 second averaging on for zwift and instantiations for the Garmin.

You can use the Zwift power data analysis tool to look at the data.

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Gerrie - I already had the Garmin head unit on 3 second averaging. The stages power meter is in the left crank. When I pedal the power/force should be the same for both the Garmin and Zwift is my thought. I don’t know how they are getting 2 different reading from the same power meter.

Try the analyzer that will help to quantify the difference.

Do you use ANT+ of Bluetooth for Zwift?

I use Bluetooth for Zwift and display it on my Ipad.

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You should really compare both recordings. I suppose the Zwift Power analyzer can do that (never used it), otherwise you can do it manually with GoldenCheetah and Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

One possible explanation would be that the bluetooth connetion suffers from regular short dropouts.

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