What are the plan for Cycleops Hammer/H2 support

I just percused a new CycleOps H2 and I would like to use it with ZWIFT . I noticed this equipment does not supported in latest release.
Please can ZWIFT team memeber can update on plans and schedule regarding enable this smart trainer?


I wonder what is holding it back - it works on other platforms via Bluetooth, right? So why doesn’t trainer control work on Android (yet)?

I do have a PC that works fine with the H2 via ANT+, but the tablet is often more convenient. Plus it is nice to have options for when a Windows update or new driver breaks everything and your group ride/race starts in 10 minutes…

I wish I had known about this trainer not being supported when I planned out my setup. Somehow I missed that the H2 wasn’t supported. Any ballpark idea on when those are targeted for release?

I see “Trainer Erg & Sim mode don’t work on CycleOps Hammer trainers” as the second bullet on the notes in the Play store so I hope that means in the next release.

Unfotunately my pc graphic processor is too old and does not supported in Zwift.
Can Zwift team member can answer this?

I’m not sure what you mean to be honest. I use the H2 on my android phone and it works?
Only thing is the calibration that has a time out error.

Yeah it does not work in the way it should. The software does not change your resistance. You have to pedal faster / spin faster to get more resistance. I have the same problem with my Magnus. Does the Magnus work on Windows?

(Zwift knows about the cycleops issues. Thanks for adding it to zwift andriod app information in the play store)

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I had no problems with my Cycelops Magnus on Windows, it’s only on Android where it doesn’t control the resistance.

Well done Zwift developers. Last bersion from 8 of mars build 1.0.34047 supports the cycleops h2 as wrriten on relase notes. Kudus!!!