New Cycleops H2 no bueno

Bought the new H2. I’m a seasoned rider and computer savvy. Connected right up to Zwift with Ant+ on my PC. All sensors green and good to go. Excited to see how this thing works. I was spinning out my 53x11 and it read 18mph? 76w? Went on Rouvy and calibrated. Still spinning out but said it was calibrated? I’m so angry. Did All the tricks I read online. Nothing. What a crock. I’m going to call tomorrow but I’m really disappointed and needed to rant. $1200 for a bike stand. I’m sure customer support is going to tell me to do the same stuff I’ve already tried. Dang it

Need a bit more information to be able to help. How are you connecting the H2 to Zwift? ANT+ or Bluetooth. If ANT+ have you got the FE-C trainer paired as the power source and also as a controllable trainer. Then if you’re connecting by ANT+ have you turned off Bluetooth on the device that’s running Rouvy?

What colour is the light on the H2 when you’re using it on Zwift? Dark Blue is Bluetooth. Pale Blue is ANT+. Flashing is connected but not being controlled. Green is nothing is connected.

Hi Nigel. I have it connected with Ant+ to my PC. No Bluetooth running in the background. Not using the companion app on my phone for either Rouvy or Swift just straight Ant+ with the PC. The H2 is the controllable trainer, power source and speedo + cadance. All sensors are connected properly. The light is Continuous solid white which is correct for ant+ fec

Is there a firmware update available for the trainer?

Last firmware update was Jan 31st. I will be calling customer service and post what they have to say later today.

Something isn’t right. A support ticket with Cycleops is probably your next step.

I’ve done that and spoke with them. Worst case scenario I get my money back. I really want it to work however. I’ll post when something changes just in an effort to share information.

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I was able to return the unit and received a new one. Fingers crossed. I’ll Try it out tonight. Cycleops was easy to work with. They agreed it was a defective unit.

New unit performs flawlessly so far. Very cool interface. Guess I just got a lemon. S happens.


Great to hear. Enjoy your new ride :slight_smile: