Power dropouts - checklist before returning trainer

I just bought a Cycleops H2 after reading lots of reviews on how solid it was. Certainly seems to be the case and it works great except every Zwift ride so far I’ve had at least one power drop out. Only lasts a second or two, but for group rides and racing that’s game over.

Never had this problem on my old Tacx Bushido so I’m thinking what I need to check before trying to start a return.

Here’s what I have ruled out so far:

  • firmware is up to date
  • USB dongle is on an extension cable right next to trainer
  • Running with ANT+ on PC
  • Looking at file, other ANT+ devices don’t drop off (i.e. cadence meter / HRM)

Can’t really think of anything else.
Any suggestions what else to try before I start the massive PITA that a return will be…

Do you connect the trainer as ANT+ FC-e?

Can you try a different ANT+ dongle.
Different usb cable.

Move the Ant+ dongle to another spot.

“why don’t we get Trainers with a usb cable for direct connection.” :money_mouth_face:


Not actually sure what it is connected as. I only have ANT+ enabled on the PC, but there are 3 options to connect through when I pair - will have a look.

Will give my other dongle and cable a go…

However, having just checked the returns I should be able to return it to the shop tomorrow at the latest…

See bold sections above.

Ahh! I’d love for a simple wired option to feed the data straight from the trainer to the computer.


Agree. It seems that with these wireless trainers you need ext. cable, ANT+ dongles, etc and still have connections problems. I wonder how hard it would be for trainer mfg’s to add a hardwire connection option?

I have had 2 ride ending dropouts to date on my H2 (10 months). The second time I noticed that I had a very low signal in my basement and the PC was only showing 0-1 bars. Have you checked how strong of a WI-FI signal you have on the PC, that may be your problem (unless you’re connected by cable). In my case it wasn’t the ANT+ connection but the PC WI-FI connection.

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Another thing to try would be to set your wifi router to a fixed channel. If your router is regularly changing channels to find the best signal your H2 might lose connection just long enough for what you are experiencing.

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What’s funny is that people made fun of the wired connection to the CompuTrainer. No dropouts for me since 1994…:grinning:

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I have a 6 ft USB 3.0 extender so my ant+ dongle sits under my BB right in front of the trainer. It might as well plug straight in the the trainer at that point.

What’s funny (and sad) is that Computrainer couldn’t keep up with the times and is now out of business.

I have a Elite smart trainer that is usb, no dropouts ever. I now have a powertap for power accuracy.

Why go wireless if you have to put the dongle next to the trainer.

Professional gamers don’t even use wireless mice and keyboards or even WiFi

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OK. Tried using the power source with FE-C today. Lasted an hour with no dropouts, so looking good.

Hopefully that was the problem. Will see how it goes over the next few days.

Thanks for the help.


Further couple of sessions and a race - no dropouts to report. Think the FE-C setting has fixed things :+1:

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