Coast down calibration with Cycleops M2

(Tim Tarchinski) #1

I can’t get my coast down calibration to work. It never goes to zero.

(Googley Eyes) #2

I have a Cyclops Magnus and had the same issue - according to Zwift it is a bug with the Cyclop smart trainers. The workaround is you have to use the “Rouvy” app to perform your spindown calibration not zwift, which is annoying but worked for me.

(Paul Falcon) #3

I got it to complete once on my m2. Using the Rouvy app for now.

(Tim Tarchinski) #4

Thanks for the input, that is my plan of attack. You would think Cycleops would have its own app

(Tim Tarchinski) #5

Installed Rouvy and was able to calibrate. Cyclops needs to come up with it’s own calibration software if you can’t use Zwift.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #6

I thought rouvy was cycleops’ app. My powertap hub user manual referenced rouvy for setup diagnostics.

(Tim Tarchinski) #7

it has information about using either Rouvy or Zwift, but Zwift calibration doesn’t work.

(Alexandre Paquet) #8

Well, it’s a bit silly to use a second app from a different company. How often should we recalibrate? Also I have the m2 and it obviously doesn’t work either, is there a fix on the way?