Massive Watts? Cyclops Magnus

When running calibration prior to Tour of Watopia Stage 3, the results end up way off. Barely spinning the wheel shows 2000 watts.

  • It has been a long time since I’ve calibrated in Zwift; however, prior to tonight, I have not had any issues with watts in Zwift (displayed efforts felt similar across multiple applications)
  • Verified trainer is on latest firmware.
  • Calibration spin-up and spin-down appear to be laggy.
  • Repeated attempts at calibration had same result.
  • Ran calibration on another virtual training program and had the expected, normal results.
  • Running Zwift via PC (as previous).
  • Had Companion app both on and off - no difference (in case of some sort of interference)
  • Removed and reconnected trainer.
  • Rebooted trainer and laptop.

Any hints or suggestions? It’s nice having a bunch of new big watt badges, but I would rather have the correct results.

Don’t calibrate Cyclops trainers using Zwift. Either use the free Rouvy app or something else like Trainerroad. There are known issues calibrating Cycleops trainers in Zwift.

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I second this. Here’s a link with more information on the known issue with CycleOps trainers calibrating and Zwift (calibration time-out may occur).

Thank you! That did the trick.