Android-Galaxy S7 with CycleOps Hammer

Just starting a thread to record my experiences with the android beta. Initially on my Galaxy S7 these screen sizing was terrible and unusable. I updated my phone to Android Oreo 8.0 and the screen is now perfect.

I haven’t had any of the issues with a lack of resistance with Zwift and the CycleOps Hammer prior to using Zwift Android. My first hour yesterday had no trainer control by Zwift. Took ages to spin down and no change in resistance on hills. It was recording power though, so I think it was just an issue with one way transmission from the trainer. I exited zwift and checked that the trainer worked normally with my elemnt bolt as resistance control.

Also, my cadence sensor would not register, however my HR strap was picked up.

I didn’t try moving the phone to see if it picked up and started to control the trainer, but that’s next on the list.

Thankyou for finally bringing zwift to Android, an absolute game changer for me!