Wear OS Companion app?

As Wear OS is slowly rolling out, with quite a Samsung user base with their Watch 4 and a Pixel Watch is being announced, I like to see a Companion app being released with a heart rate monitor option in it released, so we can hassle free track our heart rate in game.

It already is there for Apple watch, so why not for (Android) Wear OS? There is not always native Bluetooth LE support in the Wear OS watches and sometimes you can download an app which gives the function but most times with bugs (I am on a Galaxy Watch 3 and the paid BLE app for Tizen is a pain in the ass).

Who is with me?

A wear os companion app would be amazing, even if it was a little extra. I support zwift all the way. Really hoping to see zwift do well as its my favorite way to exercise. I just dont like having a separate work out running on my watch just to monitor heart rate.