Support Wear OS?


Will Zwift support Wear OS like the Apple Watch?

Thank you for answers.


Hi, welcome to Zwift))
what do you mean by support it?
What functionality you need to bring from Zwift to watch or vise versa?


Yes, i mean that you can use the watch as a runpod and heartrate gadget.
This already works with the Apple Watch.


You could broadcast your heart rate from apple watch to Zwift.
You’ll need a Zwift app on your apple watch and then you could connect the HR to your iPhone.
For the iPads etc… you;ll probably need Zwift Link app.
I’m not a day-to-day Apple user, so those who are more experienced with the Apple products could elaborate it.
Concerning the usage of Apple Watch as a run-pod (food-pod-like sensor) in order to transmit data of your treadmill run to Zwift, I could be wrong, but presently no watch could do it.