Apple Watch is Capable, Zwift is Not

So …

I own an Apple Watch Series 3. It has all of the modern capabilities of any wearable device. But here has been my experience:


I ride with Assioma Favero pedals to track my power. I also wear my Apple Watch, which is fully capable of tracking my heart rate. However, the connection between Zwift and the Watch is inconsistent and constantly drops throughout my ride. Not to mention Zwift in apparently incapable of ending the session once the ride completes, and sometimes I have to literally turn off my Watch in order to get it to stop trying to measure my HR because it thinks it’s still being used by Zwift.


The Apple Watch is fully capable of tracking every aspect of running: speed (within reason), cadence and heart rate. However, my avatar will intermittently stop dead in it’s tracks because the connection between Zwift and the Watch is inconsistent (see attached screenshot of graph). So instead of only needing my Watch, I must use my Wahoo HR Sensor and a Foot Pod … while I’m also tracking my Workout on my Watch. REALLY?!

I don’t get it. The Apple Watch has the capabilities. The development libraries and various SDKs are there to be utilized. Why is it that I have to purchase a bunch of other third party accessories in order to use Zwift? The Apple Watch can do ALL of the above, but it’s such a terrible experience that I don’t even bother.

I’ve seen Support respond to a few who have had similar issues, and the response is basically “it’s Apple’s fault.” … um, no. It’s Zwift’s priorities. Come on guys, this is a paid service! And I’ll be honest, I’m not the only one that’s recently checked out RGT and Rouvy …

The apple watch is really good for casual users, but it’s just not a real piece of workout gear

If you have a chest strap and footpod then why would you need the watch for anything?

There’s a hardware issue between the watch and the device you run zwift on, not a software issue

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that. Are “casual users” ok with the signals constantly dropping? No, I don’t think so.

I run Zwift on an Apple TV. I’m pretty sure the Apple Watch and the Apple TV speak to each other just fine … this is not a “software issue” it’s a Zwift issue.