Apple Watch for running

Anyone use Apple Watch as their source for HR, pace, and cadence? How do you find it works?

I can’t speak to running specifically. But if you search for feedback on the Apple Watch, it’s been pretty inconsistent in terms of connecting securely to Zwift. I think some people have been able to get it to work reliably. But it’s a multi-step process to pair the Watch, since you pair the Watch to the Companion app, then the Companion connects to Zwift. I’ve had a number of days when it works fine, but my last two rides, my watch would appear to pair at the start screen, then it would constantly drop connection unless I turned my wrist to wake it up - and then it would drop connection after a few seconds anyway. Others have experienced a range of other problems.

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i also facing same problem also…

I m also facing the same problem I did a lot RnD but still I didn’t got the solution