WBR Kit Unlock

Did anyone else not get the WBR Kit today after completing the ride?

I’ve checked other riders and everyone in my group shows kit unlocked, but unfortunately not myself.

I’ve logged back in, but no kit appears for me! :disappointed_relieved:

Same thing for me. I logged out and back in again, But no kit. I will check again tomorrow.

I got it. I would contact zwift about it. Did you late join?

No, 7 minutes in the pen before the start.

No dropouts on the route, everything ran smoothly. Came up at the end saying I’d completed in in 1 hour. Some reason it then left me on the buffalo bike while I cooled down.

Never had the issue before on any ride.

Well, no kit today. Guess I will have to ride in the old WBR-kit for a bit longer.

I would just contact zwift. Didn’t give me my maap kit but contacted them and got it 3 months later. Sigh, they still ended up giving me the wrong maap kit. Maybe don’t contact them. Up to you. Lol

Yeah, dropped them a message… I’ll await their response… :cry:

Well, I got my Kit now. Not sure if I just didn’t see it before :blush:. I had 12 Kits in my garage I hadn’t looked at. It was hiding amongst them.
Now I am a happy rider in my new Kit :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, after searching all my kits I have found it…

It didn’t unlock as I already have the 2018 kit which is the one that was unlocked on that ride. I have 3 WBR kits.
I didn’t realise that it was the 2018 kit that was awarded at the end of the ride… Bit of a schoolboy error on my behalf! :man_facepalming: