Team RWB Shamrock'n'Roll Kit launch doesn't unlock kit

Did the kit launch ride for the RWB Shamrock’n’roll ride today. Completed the ride with no connection or drop out issues. However, the kit was never unlocked. Anyone else do this ride? Did you get the kit?

Events details specifically state that the kit will be unlocked for everyone. Also confirmed on the ride by the ride leader several times that the kit will be unlocked for all who complete. Appreciate any feedback from those that did the ride so I know whether it was just me or everyone else. Thanks.

No unlock for anyone which is a bit disappointing after being advertised as the kit reveal ride. I believe RWB have reached out to Zwift to see what the problem is.

Fingers crossed it might appear in your closet as it should be easy enough to see who completed the ride but I suspect it might be case of waiting for another ride to unlock.

Unfortunately there has been an issue with unlocking the kit, Zwift support have been notified and we (RWB) are awaiting a response.

Whilst waiting for the fix we have put on the following rides today.

RWB kit unlock. 15min ride, not sure if you have to leave pen or not. To be safe I’d ride out of pen. Spin for 15mins or let clock run down.

12 mid-day (GMT)
Team RWB - Get Your Kit On The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

7pm (GMT)
Team RWB - Get Your Kit On The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Sorry for the confusion. We put a lot of effort into yesterday’s event. We’re as disappointed as those who didn’t get the kit. It’s a bad refection on us as a club also but unfortunately not in our control. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Team RWB

if it’s a timed ride you don’t need to leave then pen to get the unlock just be there to the end :smiley:


For distance/route based unlock rides, do you know what the criteria are, or if it’s down to the event organiser?

For the Vegan Cyclist 100 mile rides, the kit unlocked after around 30 miles IIRC, so I’m not sure you have to necessarily complete a route.

I have a vested interest in finding out whether a ride has to be completed or not as I’m hoping to do one on Boxing Day, but don’t really have the time to do Three Sisters… =)

Not sure on that one. I’ve only ever known unlocks to be event time based or the full distance.

@JamesBailey any idea?

I turned on Jersey Unlock for this ride.

I was fully expecting the jerseys to be received by everyone upon completing the ride, but that sadly does not appear to have been the case. I’ve also turned on Jersey Unlock for all of RWBs other rides, which should hopefully behave.

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This may be my fault (or confusion over an awful lot of jersey unlock requests).

Leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do.

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Ah, I’ll assume it’s the full distance then. Probably not unlocking this particular jersey this year then. :smiley: They’ve* only done 5 jersey unlock rides this year, and I’ve managed to miss them all. One of them I missed by a day. :rofl:

* Team Vegan

Thanks Richie for the response & actively working towards a fix. Stuff happens at times but the fast response & willingness to fix it make all the difference. Much appreciated!

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Seems to be working now, an event just about to kick off

Team RWB - Get Your Kit On The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

With the willing help of @JamesBailey I’ve also created a USA Friendly event

Wed 19:00EST / Thur 00:00GMT
Team RWB - Get Your Kit On In the US of A The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Also all our group rides now unlock the kit

Thanks for your patience
Team RWB