Scotland Kit Unlock

I completed a 45min Group Ride earlier today on Route 1 in Scotland: Rolling Highlands with the South African Cycling Federation. The event details on the ZC app said the Scotland Kit would be unlocked after the ride. However, 3hrs after my ride, no Scotland kit in my garage. Is this a glitch? Any help is appreciated.


I did the Sgurr route earlier today and received the kit after 30 minutes.

I’ve seen similar issues to yours when there are two (or more) concurrent logins to an account. Are you still logged in elsewhere perhaps?

Hmm, nope. Just me using this account and only logged in on iPad running ZC app on iPhone while riding.

Hi @Jay_Anderson_EVO

I’m sorry to hear that happened. I’ve sent you an email about this.

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Thank you!

This would be true for basically all events except the ones led by the SA Fed.

I’ve manually added the jersey for you.


The same thing just happened to me!

Can I get a manual add ? I just finished an event as well with no jersey earned.

Same issue here with no jersey unlock, I completed the Glasgow Crit course as part of the 8:05pm EST Ride Scotland group ride yesterday and still no kit. :frowning:

what ride is required for Scotland Kilt Unlock?

A single ride of Ride Scotland.

Anyone that has completed a Ride Scotland event and has not received a jersey, please contact support.

The same thing happened to me as well. Completed a rout in Scotland last night but have not received the kit in my garage.

Hi James. What is the best way to contact support? Is there an email?


I’ve had an eye out for the Tartan Jersey and I had the Scotland Riders Jersey show up in my garage instead. Is that a mistake? I think I was expecting the Tartan Jersey.


What event were you riding?

Ride Scotland Route 1: Rolling Highlands

Sames. Did the Sgurr ride yesterday and no jersey. Gonna try rolling highlands today.

I’ve also completed 2 Scotland routes and still No unlock of the kit. Could you please manually add for me?