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Does anyone know what this “challenge” is on my run start screen? iPadOS Version 16

That should say Run Scotland I think

Thanks @Colin_Cadden - I might just have to wait and see?

Academy Run ?

[Edit - IMO ignore the “8 weeks” immediately above - I think that is either a typo or a carry over from a previous year’s link]

That’s what I’m starting to think as well @Ian_Attoe since I checked it on my desktop and I’m registered. It’s still a bit concerning since nothing shows up in the pop-up when I select it? @James_Zwift any ideas or thoughts?

The only campaign (AFAIK) that we have starting on the 6th is Race Scotland.

goes to look

I can’t see any issue with the set up so I’ve asked the team to have a look.

Race Scotland has just appeared on my screen so I thought I had given you a duff answer. (In cycle game)

But clue is top left hand corner of your screen - you are in run game (edit again, as you say in your post) and yes I’m sure that is Academy Run. I have the same. Edit - nothing shows on my pop up.

I’ve made a slight change to the Race Scotland campaign. Stage 4 was listed as either sport, instead of cycling - this would have no impact on the events themselves, but who it may have been presented to.

Unless it is Academy Run.

Well, whatever you did @James_Zwift, Run Academy now shows up properly on the run page and Race Scotland appears on my cycling screen. Thanks for the quick response and thanks @Ian_Attoe for the additional feedback.

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We had an incorrect graphic which our team were able to quickly fix.

Thanks for the flag!

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