World Bicycle Relief Global Event unlock codes

Can anyone help? I have registered for the Ride On for World Bicycle Relief global event but have not seen any unlock codes for the kit or buffalo bike. I have received a mail saying registration was successfull. Just wondering if the codes come separately closer to tomorrows event or are they available already? any thoughts. thanks. (as registering I saw this on their site - RIDERS NEED TO REGISTER TO RECEIVE THE ZWIFT CODES FOR THE WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF KIT AND BUFFALO BIKE)

Registered as well but no response or email either.

Their facebook says “you should receive an email later today”

Thanks Tom, Jiri … Was wondering if I’d missed something. assume it’ll be WBR or something similar. 

I received the e-mail 15min ago.  If you don’t have it soon, let us know :) 



Hi Crystal. Just received the mail. Thank you. J

Crystal, I tried the code but Zwift says promo code is not valid. Is it only valid tomorrow i.e. Saturday? i am in UK so assuming it is simply time related as mail states " Instructions:  The code will be valid for 48 hours starting 12 hours before and expiring 12 hours after the event. As you log on to Zwift for the ride on Saturday, push “p” on your keyboard and enter the code. Your avatar will then quickly update with the kit and bike."

Still nothing here…

Did you get the acknowledgment email to say you had registered Tom? Might make sense to re register if no. Hopefully will come soon for you. 

I got my code today in an email.

Have you tried using it Michael? I got mine and tried to enter promo code but Zwift game said not valid. Not sure if time zone related 

i haven’t tried it yet. i don’t expect it to work until the event actually starts. it may not officially start until 12:01am PST.

I have two e-mails one saying “Welcome to everydayhero” and another one that my page is live

That’s what I had then got a third with the unlock code which came a couple hours ago. Guessing yours will come soon. 

Ah found it, the mail with the unlock code was apparently in the spam folder. Strange… because the other weren’t marked as spam.

Anyhow it arrived but wanted to inform that it arrived and for other that they need to ensure they check their spam folder when they didn’t receive the mail ! 

Ride on !

Nothing here yet either, Tom. Guess the mailing server might just be a tad slow.

Yea. Could be just slow.  Good luck. Ride on. 

I got the updated code but it only gave me the bike, not the jersey. It appears on the avatar for a second then disappears. The bike was still there yesterday, not sure if that is something that stays in your inventory indefinitely or not. I wouldn’t mind wearing the jersey if anyone has a fix (tried logout-in already multiple times).

Apparently the jersey was only available for the world bicycle relief 24hr ride. must admit jersey was pretty cool. Maybe Zwift will release it as an unlock to those who took part later. 

Thanks Jerry, I didn’t get to ride with the jersey, just the bike, but hopefully my meager contribution boosted Treks donation. No big deal.