Of The MAAP complete no kit

Completed all the stages in make up but still dont have the kit?

Can someone please have a look

I’m still waiting too! Have emailed twice. First time was asked to wait …which I did for about 3 days without any kit appearing. Emailed again over 4 days ago again… standard response but no follow up… nor any kit!
A little de- motivating as I made a big effort to finish all four stages!
Let me know how you get on!

Same, although I missed stage one and did it later

Same as Elliott. I missed stage one and did the very last event available. I see the activity on the my.Zwift.com activities page and companion app, but it didn’t trigger the unlock or the stage 1 check on the MAAP page, or the jersey in the garage. Only reporting to help Zwift track down bugs.