Off the Maap Stage 3

Hi just wondering if there was a Unlock for completing Stage 3 on Off the Maap Stage 3, the other 2 stages had unlocks, but seemingly nothing on Stage 3.

Hi, not for stage 3 but there will be for completing all 4 stages.


Interesting, that page has certainly changed - as I was wondering the same thing (wrt: unlocks) after failing to unlock the jersey yesterday - the only place I could previously find any information about the stages needed for unlocks was ZI (neither the main page or the FAQs of the Off the Maap pages on zwift had those details), until this post from James 9 days ago or so.

ZI did previously have it down as 3 stages needing to unlock the kit, rather than the now-confirmed 4:


Guess it means I will have to find some time this weekend to get it finished at least!

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Whilst I don’t know about the FAQ, I set up the mission, which was always 25/50/100%


Just to mention I completed stage 4 this evening; it didn’t trigger the unlock message post race (as the other two items did); but after relaunching the game, it (the maap jersey unlock) is showing as available in my garage!

Edit, just to update what I did (relaunch the game, rather than logoff/on).

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  • Stage 1: Immediately received stage completion email.
  • Stage 2: Immediately received stage completion email, although it said “Stage 1” in the subject but had the correct “Stage 2” content.
  • Stage 3: No email, not even in spam.
  • Stage 4: No email, not even in spam.

That said, all of the unlocks were promptly available in my garage.

Interesting I also completed Stage 4 and haven’t received a email, but the Kit was available immediately

Will flag guys, thank you.