Off the MAAP Tour 2021 FAQ

The Off the MAAP Tour is a multi-stage cycling tour that challenges you to ride your way through some of the routes less travelled—all while kitted up with an exclusive jersey designed by our friends at MAAP, which you can also order upon Tour completion.

When does Off the MAAP Tour start and finish?
Here are the dates for this event.
Stage 1: Aug 3-6 First event 07:00am Australian Eastern Time*
Stage 2: Aug 7-10
Stage 3: Aug 11-14
Stage 4: Aug 15-18
Makeup Week: Aug 19-23

What if I miss a stage?
Make-up stages will be available between August 19 and August 23. During these fivedays, we’ll host events for all stages.

What do I get for completing all stages?
More fitness. More riding experience. And, of course, the exclusive in-game cap, socks, and MAAP kit!

Can I push the pace on these rides?
Yep! You decide how you ride. As long as you cross the finish line, you’ll receive credit.

Are there Women’s Only rides?
Absolutely. All stages will have a women’s only category.

How can I withdraw from the Off the MAAP Tour?
Just click through to officially withdraw. You can rejoin the fun at any time if you change your mind!

This kit is great! How can I get one?
During August you’ll learn that the best adventures are Off the MAAP, but this jersey will put you on the MAAP amongst your cycling friends!

What can I do if one or more of my events hasn’t been saved or the kit hasn’t been unlocked after completing all stages?
There can be many technical reasons your activity didn’t count. Among them are game crashes, logging in on multiple devices, working out after finishing a stage, or not completing the final lap.
The best way to ensure your activity is counted towards the Tour is to save and exit after you have completed the stage. If you run into any of the above issues and completed most of the stage please reach out to us—we’re here to help!

I’m not seeing an earned unlock for Off The MAAP. Where is my unlock?
No worries. Unlocks earned during Off The MAAP require you to log out and back into Zwift. Check out our article for these steps.


Am new to zwift and currently on a 1-mo trial expected to end mid-Aug. Can’t seem to sign up for the tour most likely because my trial ends in mid-Aug, but planning to continue with monthly subscription later anyways.

My question is, if I were to complete stage 1 & 2 during my trial, and 3 & 4 on a monthly subscription, will it count towards completing the tour? Must I be registered for the tour for all the event completions to count?


I assume it will count because you are using the same account to do the events.

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Hey Zwift admins, I am trying to sign up for this event but every time I try I get a message that my account details are not eligible and then when I am asked to redirect to profile nothing happens, I am a paid member.

Got the same message here.

What link are you using? Because if you Google “Off the MAAP tour Zwift” then one of the top results is last years sign up page and you will get exactly that error if you try to sign up there.

Try using the current link: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Or even better, just join one of the events and you get signed up automatically.



Thanks for that link, which works.

But I had the same problem as previous posters when trying to register through the CApp. home page banner link. Probably a bad link?

Same issue for me and also displaying dates later in august… strange

After checking the link on the main companion page seems to be 2020??

Anyone know when the make-up sessions will be posted? They’re not showing on Companion yet and I want to plan my week! I’ve got three to do thanks to a vacation and catching Covid :grimacing:

The make-up stages should be up soon. They begin on the 19th and end on the 23rd.

I’ve just completed the tour but can’t figure out how to buy the IRL kit?

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There should be a link in the email notification that you have completed the Tour.

I never received an email, weird. Not really too disappointed though, I just saw the prices for the kit. Insane.

Hi there!

I have done stages 2, 3 and 4. So I still need to ride stage 1. From tomorrow onwards there is a ride every hour, with the stages following up on each other. So let’s say stage 1 at 04:00, stage 2 at 05:00… So I was planning on tomorrow, 19th of august, 08:00 am CEST. But that seems to be the only hour with a ride missing! Is there a reason or is it me? Thanks!!

Hi there,

I have also recieved no email with a link after having completed all stages.
I have updated my email preferences to allow all emails just in case that was the issue. Could the email be sent again??


Hi @James_Shepherd1 welcome to Zwift forums

Thanks also to @FUDGE for bringing this to our attention. It seems that something wasn’t triggering emails to folks who completed this campaigns, so we’re processing your delayed emails. Aplogies for the confusion.

Moving forward, people who will complete stage 4 should trigger an email in real time.

Is it possible completing the stages out of order does currently not unlock the kit purchase?

Same issue, not received any email link for completing the tour yet and have done all 4 stages? Would at least like to view the kit and price to consider it.

Same, I wonder if somebody could just share the link?