Didn’t receive credit for Off the maap [August 2021]

I completed the event and my ride saved properly, the box does not show as filled. I was using and iPad, Tacx Neo 2T. I clicked join the fun to join the event then completed the short distance one. Anyone else having the same issue? Link to my activity here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App. Here is a screenshot of what I see:

Looking into it.

Is anyone else having this same problem? Please raise your hand if you are.


Hi. Had the same issue with stage II. I finished the course and the pop up acknowledging finish came up, but no credit on Zwift power and circle did not fill in. Thank you.

I think they was probably an issue when saving your ride. It is different from the issue I had as I received credit in Zwift Power and the only thing wrong was the bubble not filling in.

I ended up doing the event again and got credit.

It seems that it is necessary to start a new ride before the circle is filled in, after completing the event. It showed for me after I completed a short cool-down ride on a random map.

Yes. I have the same issue for stage 1

I had the same problem with my 3rd Off the MAAP ride. Zwift companion said I had completed my ride But it was not marked as complete.

When you crossed the finish arch did you see the completion banner across the bottom say you earned the MAAP cap and MAAP socks?

If so - the next time you log into the Zwift, those items should be in your garage.

Yes the banner said I completed my ride. I then got a redirect back to Watopia where I was riding just prior to the stage 3 ride

I think there is a problem with the distance recorded for the event. I think I was 0.2 kilometers shy of what the distance that was supposed to be completed.

So I did get credit in the Zwift app. The rides are showing up on my activities but it is not showing as completed on the Zwift Companion home page. I rode stage 2 for the second time and the same thing happened.

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The same problem. The stage 1 is not marked as complete in Off the Maap web page.

Yes… I finished stage 2 today. No credit and no kit unlock

Are you able to help?

No kit unlock. And I also got the zwift emails saying I completed ride 3 and 4.

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I also did not get credit for Stage 2. The indicator has gone from the Capp but on zwift website it is still saying stage 2 not completed for me.

I have the same problem. The stage 1 is not marked as complete in Off the Maap web page.

Hey Zwift…if you are reading this, can you schedule another day of rides? I see that today is the final day, but I won’t be able to re-ride stage 2 today.

That is assuming that re-riding will fix it. It seems that for others it doesn’t fix it.

im not sure if i got all the ticks as cant see the maap checklist… completed stage 4 on the catch up rides yesterday, had the completed the tour email through but kit not in garage

Getting the same issue. Today I completed Stage 3 & Stage 4 on the catch up events. Both registered via the Companion App and completed with no issues. However, its showing that 3 & 4 are not complete. Reward hasn’t unlocked either.

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