Off the MAAP Tour 2020

Get fired up to go Off the MAAP this month. Four stages to ride. Two weeks to do it. One beautiful unlockable kit to rock in-game, and a real-life kit you can order from MAAP upon completion.

The Off the MAAP Tour visits Watopia, London, NYC, and our latest France map. When you’re not riding, watch Off the MAAP races live with pro and amateur cyclists battling for points until the finish.

Watch the Off the MAAP Tour Live for exciting races the day before each stage begins, with pro riders battling across the worlds of Zwift.

Complete all four stages to unlock the in-game Off the MAAP 2020 kit. If you miss a stage, no worries—you’ll have three make-up days August 27- 30 to complete the tour and unlock the in-game Off the MAAP 2020 kit.

Born in Melbourne, MAAP strives to produce exceptional performance apparel engineered to excel in all conditions, at all levels of the sport. You might be at the pointy end of the bunch, or riding simply because you love it. Whether training, racing, or on an epic ride with your crew, you deserve apparel that will match your every move.

What is the Off the MAAP Tour?
The Off the MAAP Tour is a multi-stage cycling tour that challenges you to ride or race your way through some of the routes less travelled. All while kitted up with an exclusive jersey designed by our friends at MAAP, and one you can order upon tour completion.

When does Off the MAAP Tour start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on August 15. The last day to make up a stage is August 30.

What if I miss a stage?
Make up stages will be available between August 27 and August 30. During these four days, we’ll host make up events for all four stages.

What do I get for completing all stages?
More fitness. More riding and racing experience. And of course, the exclusive in-game kit and the opportunity to pre-order the real-life matching one!

Can I mix up group rides and races during the Tour?
Yep! You decide how you ride. As long as you cross the finish line, you’ll receive credit.

Are there Women’s Only races?
Absolutely. All stage races will have a women’s only categorized race.

What’s the difference between a group ride and a race?
Group rides are like real-life Fondos, with everyone going their chosen distance and riding with friends. Just select a group that’s riding your desired pace. We have some helpful tips on our blog!

Races are more competitive—and usually at a faster pace.If you’re new to racing on Zwift, this primer will get you up to speed.

How can I withdraw from Off the MAAP Tour?
Just click through to officially withdraw. You can rejoin the fun at any time if you change your mind!

Stage 1

August 15- 17

We start off with medium climbs. Today’s adventure begins with a choice: the rolling hills of Titans Grove, topped with one of the steepest climbs in Watopia?

Or the sky high glass roads of New York City? Either way, prepare for a big stage with lots of elevation to kick us off.

Group A
World: Watopia
Route: Muir and the Mountain
Lead in: 5.2km // 3.2mi
Elevation: 787m // 2,516ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 39.1km // 24.3mi

Group B
World: New York
Route: Rising Empire
Lead in: 0.4km // 0.2mi
Elevation: 362m // 1,888ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 21.1km // 13.1mi

Stage 2

August 18 - 20

Stage Two is a sprinter’s delight. Smooth and easy gradients call for hard efforts on the bike. Take the long route for a quick ~29 km ride around Watopia’s flat sections, including the sizzling Fuego Flats.

Or head to France, and you’ll wrestle waves of rollers, along with two sprints.

Group A
World: Watopia
Route: Magnificent 8
Lead in: 0.2km // 0.1mi
Elevation: 131m // 430ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 28.8km // 17.9mi

Group B
World: France
Route: Douce France
Elevation: 108m // 354ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 24.1km // 15.0m

Stage 3

August 21 - 23
For the rider seeking thrills in the hills, warm up the legs in London, then take on the biggest climbs in the countryside.

Or, explore Yorkshire’s Tour of Tewit Well route and ascend the short but steep hills of the UCI Worlds Harrogate circuit. Twice.

Group A
World: London
Route: Triple Loops
Lead in: 0.5km // 0.3mi
Elevation: 544m // 1,785ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 41.3km // 25.7mi

Group B
World: Yorkshire
Route: Tour of Tewit Well
Elevation: 400m // 1,312ft
Laps: 2
Total Distance: 20.8km // 13mi

Stage 4

August 24 - 26
Choose your adventure! Will it be the Three Sisters route in Watopia? Or the Royal Pump Room 8, which covers all Yorkshire roads in both directions? A true sightseeing day, make sure to snap some photos and toss a Ride On to those riding with you.

Finish this stage, and the exclusive in-game kit is yours for keeps!

Group A
World: Watopia
Route: Three Sisters
Lead in: 0.5km // 0.3mi
Elevation: 879m // 2,884ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 48.3km // 30mi

Group B
World: Yorkshire
Route: Royal Pump Room
Lead in: 0.1km // 0.1mi
Elevation: 480m // 1,575ft
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 27.8km // 17.3mi

Is stage 3 race supposed to be 1 lap or 2 laps of Tour of Tewit Well? On the events page, the race is only 1 lap.

Let me have someone double check the races vs. rides setups. Thanks for asking.


Just so I’m clear. When I signed up my only option for the shorter ride was A-B with a 1-5 W/KG.

Does this mean that there will be a mixture of A-D riders in this group ride?


What time zone is the schedule in?

Hi Mike,

Zwift race series are always a bit confusing at first, because they continue to use letters for route options, which confuses with race cats. If this helps:

  1. There are 2 types for each Stage - Races and Rides
  2. Stage 1 Race is over the Rising Empire course with the usual 4 race cats
  3. Stage 1 Ride has two course options - A which is Muir and the Mountain (longer) and B which is Rising Empire (shorter)
  4. Both of these are open to all cat riders because, in theory at least, these are rides not races.

One day Zwift will change the numbering for routes…

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Thank you so much for clarifying. I couldn’t find this anywhere!

ZH Events is a great resource

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The Stage 3 Race is supposed to be 2 laps. We’re working on getting that data corrected so it shows properly.

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Not sure if there was/is a problem with the race vs ride setup earlier.

I had signed up for the Stage 1 B grade race (via the event web page). After finishing it prompted me to save my activity, as the “Stage 1 - Shorter Ride”.

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Stage 1 Event description says 1888’ for Rising Empire. Graphic shows 1242’. Muir and the Mountain shows 2516’ and graphic shows 3000’. It’s not the lead in. What gives?

Imperial units don’t match metric. Go with metric.

I rode stage 1 Rising Empire RACE yesterday in C category BUT first 7 finishers were category B. Usually ZwiftPower disqualifies these cheats as UPG but didn’t this time. Was the race set up incorrectly?


I’m thinking the race might inadvertently have been set up as a group ride, which would lead to suspension of UPG disqualifications. Just like when I join the OACK or HERD for a recovery ride.

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Hi. Good to see this back for another year. I signed up yesterday but was doing the Tarmac SL7 stage 3. I noticed today that for some reason that has led to stage 1/4 of off the maap being shown as “complete” in the Zwift companion app. A nice bonus to see my climbing efforts on La Reine rewarded but feels a bit fraudulent too! Any explanation as to why this has happened?