Off the Maap Tour makeup days

Can we complete stage 3 & 4 now and then stage 1 & 2 on the makeup days next week, and still qualify for the in game jersey and the real jersey?

Hi @Sara_Campbell, yes you can ride all the stages during the make up days if you like.

Qualify for what, the in-game jersey? Yes, if you complete all the stages you will get the kit.

Hi! How does the make-up day work? Will there be a scheduled race or ride? Tried to search for the rides on the 27th until 30th, unfortunately I don’t see any scheduled event.

Or will I have to complete the stage through a solo ride? By the way I have completed Stages 2, 3 and 4.

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I have the same question. I would like to do stage 4 as a makeup on Thursday or Friday but don’t see any makeup days scheduled as yet.

Doesn’t look like they have been scheduled yet, hold tight and check back tomorrow.

Thanks Mike - I’ll be patient.