Off The Maap virtual kit

The virtual kit for the Off The Maap Tour was never unlocked after completing all 4 stages tonight. Has anyone else experienced this?

The email I received after completing the 4th stage indicated that the kit would show up ‘around August 1st’. I’m guessing they are waiting until the entire event is over (including make up dates) and then just doing all of the kits at once, instead of doling them out individually.

I received mine, and I completed MAAP last week, before the makeup days began.

As far as i know, as soon as you have done some makeup days, you will receive it later this week.
Other wise you should already have it ingame

I’m experiencing the same issue. I wrapped up the Off the MAAP Tour last night…received an email stating that I’ve unlocked the MAAP kit. I checked Menu -> Garage -> Jerseys this morning…and the kit is nowhere to be found. Sounds like I need to check later today?

I have kit! Good things come to those who wait.

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I don’t have mine unlocked and I completed all stages the first day they were running. ?
Still no kit for me :frowning: