Off the MAAP Tour 2022

Rides start at 1600 UTC

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Couple of bugs to report. All pens are the same distance etc on the in-game menu for some reason, instead of reflecting the different options. Secondly I’d picked A from the Companion app which was on Makuri but when I went to join the event (straight from the homepage) it loaded France then immediately left there and went to Makuri. I imagine people on very slow devices will be unhappy with this. Also heard of some late join bugs, though that could be the ongoing issue in the sticky thread.

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B pen also does not show a route map

I saw the same thing a few months ago

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@Dave_ZPCMR & @Oliver_ZRace_Central - Thanks for flagging this. I am having our evens team look into this. I will update once I have further information.


Is there any point to entering this?
No new routes, nothing significant to be earned.

It seems kind of pointless to me.
What am I missing?

There’s a jersey unlock if you complete all 4 stages.

Jersey shmerschey… it’s probably a horrible design and means nothing.

It is summer in the northern hemisphere.
Most cyclists have suspended their subscriptions and are out in the fresh air.

It would make sense to keep those subscriptions coming in by providing something significant… double XP for example, bonus elevation towards a Tron maybe… and it would also be a little reward/thank you to us sad acts who are still cycling indoors.

Saying all this and I’ll probably enter anyway just because it is there so ignore me.

Don’t forget that MAAP is an Australian brand, so the events primarily target that audience, even though event times are offered for riders in all time zones (and hemispheres).

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That’s a fair point, Nigel.

I was thinking it was an event like Zwift’s Tour of Watopia and not understanding it was a separate brand event.

I’ll just shut up and ride it.

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Same for me late joined C London group but got pushed to France and randomly at the top of Petit kom climb with turn for ventop on screen,

Then switched London and was left with ventop turn button stuck on screen for the maap stage.

Cool. Yeah they raise money for a cause too. I’m in North America and we’re a minor part of Zwift by the way. Europe, Australia, Japan/Korea massive … I did a different tour event at 4am once mostly Europe and eye opening just like IRL I suppose lol!

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Completed 4 stages but didnt receive any email to buy the Jersey :man_shrugging:

Anyone else not get the 2022 kit after the 4th event?

Me :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man:

I didn’t get the unlock message after finishing stage 4 (as I did in the first two stages), though the next time I launched the game (about an hour later), the jersey was showing in my garage.

Me too. I got the unlock banner when completing stage 1, got an email after completing stage 2 and on my next ride I had the socks in my garage, nothing after stage 4 and on next ride. Waiting for make up days to complete stage 3.

Do we get the purchase code/link for the IRL kit only when the event ends?

@Shameel_Tang Just go to the site and search for Zwift - it looks like you can order the Zwift kit whether you are on Zwift or not and its the same price, ie, you dont need to do the 4 rides to get access to the kit for the same price!

It’s not as exclusive as the OP eludes!

$450 for bibs and a jersey :exploding_head: who in their right mind is paying these prices… I guess that makes them pretty exclusive when you price 99% of people out of your product.