Wattbike IOS iPad Bluetooth

Ok - here’s how to connect:

  1. Update the Wattbike with the latest firmware version 1.24.01 

  2. On the Wattbike Monitor go to Settings > Remote tab and enable Bluetooth Programming mode

  3. On you IOS device open the Wattbike App  and pair it with your Wattbike. The process here was a little different to the first time i did this - possibly as a result of the firmware update? Importantly you need to click Activate in the Wattbike App  once the Wattbike has been found

  4. Close the Wattbike App

  5. Open Zwift , log on and select Power Source and your Wattbike should finally appear there ready to be paired!

(Thanks to P Devenish who posted this method elsewhere on Zwift)

Thanks, Tom! I’ve updated our KB article as well. Since we don’t physically have a Wattbike in the office, this is a big help.

Just linking the “elsewhere” thread to hopefully save others some time!


Upshot then is that we do indeed need the latest 1.24.01 firmware on the Wattbike…

Sounds like 1.24.00 should also work although clearly best to go to 1.24.01 if you and/or your gym is upgrading anyway.

Can someone please post a video because i’m not finding the terminology used in the “Setting up a Wattbike” explanation helpful with my version of the app - perhaps it is a bit newer that when the explanation was made. Can’t seem to get Zwift to pick up the wattbike and everything is updated

Specifically with iOS



Have you “killed” the Wattbike app on your iOS device? Zwift won’t be able to make the connection if so as Bluetooth connections can only be made one to one.

Yeah I connect to the wattbike app and in my phones settings I can see the wattbike is connected over bluetooth…then why i close the app the connection disappears from my phone and the zwift app doesnt pick it up either

*then when