New Zwift Hub not being recognized by iPhone for bluetooth

Hi, I just setup my new Zwift Hub Trainer and now am trying to connect my iPhone 12 to the trainer. Trainer has blue light flashing which instructions say is pairing mode.
Zwift companion downloaded and operational. Bluetooth on iPhone is on and operational . Phone is right next to hum. Home wifi up and running with strong signal. Phone does not show hub as an availabill connection.
Anyone have any idea what I’m missing?
Help appreciated!

Don’t connect the Hub with the phone Bluetooth. Open the Zwift and pair the trainer directly in the app.


Download the Zwift Companion App and connect it there. That will let you get firmware update too. If you use Zwift via PC can either transmit from that App or then connect the trainer direct to PC version or just connect through Zwift on iphone.

Hi and thanks for the reply.
I have figured out the issue.
First off the Zwift Companion was downloaded before the Hub was even delivered. I created an account and all was good.
After getting the Zwift Hub put together and installing my bike on the hub the only issue I was having was obtaining a Bluetooth pairing between the app and the hub. That is why I posted a detailed email.
Getting an answer like yours (install the app) was appreciated but totally unhelpful as my original post clearly stated the app was installed, operational, but unable to connect.
The problem and fix was going into the app settings via the IOS instrument, in settings, AMG turning on the Bluetooth setting relative to the app.
I am now all set.
Thanks very much

From the IPhone of Double M

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