No Zwift Hardware Found in companion app

I tried connecting my new phone (Google Pixel 7 Pro) to my Zwift Hub through the companion app, and it won’t find it. Nothing else is connected to the Hub, the only thing that ever has been is my previous phone (Galaxy S22), which I no longer have. Any suggestions?

Hi @Bruno_Moorthamers welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

A little clarification please: are you running the Zwift game app and the Zwift Companion app on the same Pixel 7? The Companion app is meant to run on a separate device.

I see you were able to connect the Hub to the game app running on Pixel 7 via Bluetooth back in October, so we know that method will work. When connecting the trainer directly to the game app, we call that “native” Bluetooth pairing as opposed to “bridged” Bluetooth pairing when the Companion app is involved. Here is our guide using the Companion app as a bridge.

Oh I had no idea they were meant to run on a separate device, I thought Companion was for pairing and updating firmware, and the game was for training. I intend to run the game solely from my phone. Do I then even need the Companion app? I can’t pair from the Game app, right?

Yes, you can get by and use the Zwift app without the Companion app.

However, the Companion app expands a lot of capabilities.

  • For Apple TV users, using the Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge overcomes the 3 Bluetooth-signal limit baked into tvOS. This allows you to pair a heart rate monitor and a steering device to Apple TV.
  • Clubs - if you want to join a Club in Zwift, that’s done exclusively through the Companion app.
  • Secondary control of the game: the Companion app allows you a different way to engage with Zwift’s social chat, giving Ride ons, etc. In some ways, it’s easier to do all that on Companion depending on what device is running the game app, and whether it has a touch screen interface, a keyboard and mouse interface, or the AppleTV remote control. In-game chat using your phone’s text to speech engine might be easier than typing it out on a keyboard, for example.