Technogym Skillbike with Zwift iOS

(G Wed) #1

Has anyone had any success getting the Technogym Skillbike setup with Zwift iOS?

Website claims it is compatible. But Technogym provide no instructions.

I know that Technogym MyCycle app works with Zwift, but this app is used with the corresponding Technogym smart trainer.

The Skillbike is a dedicated fitness bike (similar to watt bike). I have tried using MyCycle app, but it wont connect.

The Technogym MyWellness app connects to the Skillbike, but no option to connect to zwift.

I have tried opening zwift iOS after connecting to MyWellness, but Zwift iOS cant find the bike.

Any sugggestions / guides on how to get this working?

(Paul) #2

If you are trying to connect it using Bluetooth then you need to make sure the bike is NOT connected to any other device or app BEFORE opening Zwift, Bluetooth can only make one connection at a time.

(Sean S.) #3

We haven’t been able to get our hands on one as of yet, but are looking into grabbing one for testing. Since all of the testing has been done on TechnoGym’s side, I would reach out to them to see if they have any further troubleshooting steps you can try.

(Adam Bray) #5

I have the same problem too. In my gym the skillbike doesn’t show up in the list but the wattbike comes up straight away. I’ve been using the wattbike which is a massive shame as the skillbike is next to me not being used :frowning_face: hopefully someone can come up with a solution

(Tiago Méndez) #6

Did you get sucess with your skillbike to connect with the Zwift?

(Michel) #7

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Does not show up in bluetooth ios at all ■■■■

(Paula Maltes) #8

Hi guys can you pair by Bluetooth the skillbike with Zwift.

(Private Stock) #9

Hi Paula, so u have been able to connect the Skillbike to Zwift? How did u do that? I just got the Skillbike couple of days ago and have been trying but failed to connect the bike to Zwift. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


(Angelis Giannakopoulos) #10

Hi how i can connect skillbike with a tablet ?

(Robin Dale) #11

you need to make sure that your bike has the latest software on , we just got two new one’s at our gym , but they still needed a software up date . once you have done that or if you have done that already , you need to first log in to the technogym my wellness account (if you have not got one you’ll need to create one ) then log onto the bike thru this account , once you have done this open the swift app and then log onto zwift and pair

(Paul Kemp) #12

Guys, how do you like it with the bike? Would you advice it, is the price too high? And do the bike have resistance controlled?

I’ve a manual hot to connect the skill bike to Zwift, but it’s in italian.

(Steve) #13

I found this a very frustrating experience. The bike software is very buggy. Lost cadence readings and was at point doing 30 KMH in a flat road in London without pedalling. Then the bike controls crashed. Think this is to do with firmware update to allow the bike to connect to Zwift. Had to switch to a Watbike to compete a rather disjointed FTP test. Shame as it could be a real winner if TG get their acted sorted out for those who rather pay for Gym subs rather than a 500-1000 quid TT.

(Paul Kemp) #14

So it’s not to buy, especially thinking how expensive is.

(Giorgio Rossi) #15

Well … I’m using it at home since Christmas. Only thing that doesn’t (yet) works is cadence, but actually you can read that on skillbike display (I’m using it with an Ipad on top of the bike native display). Of course I’m not an expert on those things, but seems to me it works quite well and for this period I’m interested in doing a training plan. When the exercise needs a stronger resistance to keep same cadence but higher effort, it works as it should. Before I had updated both the bike’s firmware and zwift app it seemed they were not working 100% properly, but now it’s ok. When you just take a tour or a race, resistance hardens accordingly and so you can switch gears (8) to choose the appropriate cadence-effort. I agree that is pricy if compared to some other solution, but one thing i definitely like is that the construction is really solid, difficult to imagine that after some months it starts to make noises or flex in some point. I’ve contacted assistance at technogym for firmware upgrade they were very effective and quick on any question i’ve asked, good after sale service, indeed.

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(Steve) #16

Sounds like you had a better experience then me. Since my last post manage one ride that almost completed then lost connection to my Zwift avatar. Tried again yesterday and ok for a couple of miles then ERG connection and gears stared going all over the place. Gears wouldn’t move. Felt like I was going up a 10% climb on a flat while others were zipping past me at 25!mph. Admittly using in a gym (which the bike is designed for) with lots of Bluetooth users and WiFi bandwidth perhaps an issue. Also no cadence on Zwift App. This could be a real winner for gym users but still to be convinced.

(Michel) #17

Do not pedal at all during pairing!!!
You need a user account in the Wellness App.
To “log in” use the camera on your ipad and read the QR code
Now skillbike shows you logged in
Now start Zwift and start ride (so it starts to look for bluetooth hook up)
Zwift will ask Skillbike for connection.
You will need a Whaoo cadence/heart rate band
Now the cadence/HR from belt and watt/controlled trainer will all hook up
You can pedal now.

(Dmitry Feoktistov) #18

Tried these steps today and everything worked. Admittedly it was my first time on Zwift so not much to compare to. Agree that gearing feels a bit off especially on flat sections though. I think for now this setup is good enough for me so saves me from buying a turbo trainer!

Has anyone managed to use it with an iPad? I’m using it at the gym and the phone holder is nice but the iPhone screen is just too small