Technogym Skillbike with Zwift iOS

(Gareth Wedley - WBR (C)) #1

Has anyone had any success getting the Technogym Skillbike setup with Zwift iOS?

Website claims it is compatible. But Technogym provide no instructions.

I know that Technogym MyCycle app works with Zwift, but this app is used with the corresponding Technogym smart trainer.

The Skillbike is a dedicated fitness bike (similar to watt bike). I have tried using MyCycle app, but it wont connect.

The Technogym MyWellness app connects to the Skillbike, but no option to connect to zwift.

I have tried opening zwift iOS after connecting to MyWellness, but Zwift iOS cant find the bike.

Any sugggestions / guides on how to get this working?

(Paul Allen) #2

If you are trying to connect it using Bluetooth then you need to make sure the bike is NOT connected to any other device or app BEFORE opening Zwift, Bluetooth can only make one connection at a time.

(Sean S.) #3

We haven’t been able to get our hands on one as of yet, but are looking into grabbing one for testing. Since all of the testing has been done on TechnoGym’s side, I would reach out to them to see if they have any further troubleshooting steps you can try.

(Adam Bray) #5

I have the same problem too. In my gym the skillbike doesn’t show up in the list but the wattbike comes up straight away. I’ve been using the wattbike which is a massive shame as the skillbike is next to me not being used :frowning_face: hopefully someone can come up with a solution