Skillbike technogym comptatibility

Hi everybody,
I have a Technogym SKILLBIKE and I want to connect it to Zwift.
I have tried around one hundread times to connect my Android mobile or my Windows 10 laptop…
It has worked … one time!!! but that’s all and I was not able to find what I did diffrent this time …?
Can someone help me??


(I’m french so if you also are and have the answer, don’t hesitate to write the french answer …:-))

Hi @Francois_PASSE welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. It’s very important that you do not have multiple devices to logged into your account at the same time. It looks like that’s what’s happening in your session logs.

If you intend to use the laptop to run the game app, please uninstall the game app from your Android so they are not fighting over control of your bike’s Bluetooth sensors. Would you try that and let us know if that resolves the pairing problem?

The Zwift Companion app is what you should be using on the Android. Companion provides additional information and functions that are not in the main game app.

Lastly: our Support Hub will guide you through most issues in French, and we can also assist in French when you email

Hello Francois,

I had the same problem, and solved it.
Do you still need my solution or is the problem already fixed?

Ramon Kuipers

Hi Ramon,

I do still need your solution if you have one !


Hello Francois,

Follow the steps absolutely in this order:

  • Make sure that every device (iphone, android, laptop, desktop) nearby the Skillbike has NO Bluetooth activated;
  • Put the power on your Skillbike for the startup;
  • Wait until the startup of the Skillbike has finished;
  • Start de LOG IN on your skillbike
  • Start de My wellness app on your divice (iphone, android, laptop or desktop) and open de QR reader. Do not use the QR reader.
  • Put on the bluetooth on the same device as the mywellness app (step 5).
  • The Skillbike will reconize your divice and the LOG ON proces on the skillbike will automatical go further using bluetooth. After een few seconds you will be logged on the skillbike.
  • Start up de Zwift app on your device;
  • De controllers in the Zwift app will automatically make contact with the Skillbike;
  • Ready to cycle!

Hope that it also works for you.

Please let me know.

Good luck!

Ramon Kuipers