Skill bike

Hi I have access to a Technogym skillbike at my gym. I cannot get it to connect to Zwift. I have tried all the previous advice!


Hi @Gareth_Day3539 welcome to the forums!

From a quick scan of the Skillbike website it looks like it broadcasts only with ANT+, so you will need a device that can use that signal. I think only PC, MacOS (not iphone), or Android would work.

What device are you trying to use?

Using iphone. It says thatit supports bluetooth also

from the website:
Break into the virtual realms of Zwift® and compete against cyclists around the world. Explore new adventures every day with Strava® infinite routes. Track your outdoor routes with your device, and ANT+ FE-C technology brings them under your tire.

Heart rate monitoring
Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth® low energy technology transmitters

Looks like only HRM is bluetooth, and power is ANT+

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Ok! I have ”cable” I will try connecting with that

Appears that the bike is not connected to internet in the gym. Any idea how I can connect the bike. I know they have wifi, just cant find any Settings on the bike?

Sorry @Gareth_Day3539, I have no idea, I’ve never used the bike. However, I used to manage a health club, so I would suggest talking to the manager about it. Many times gym equipment will have a secret menu that can be accessed with a sequence of button presses that lets you into the settings. Precor, Cybex, and Life Fitness cardio equipment for example have these secret menus for the owner or service tech to access settings and data that the average gym customer shouldn’t have access to.

Hi Gareth. The bike has to be connected to the internet to connect to Zwift. You also need to login to the bike using the Technogym “MyWellness” app on your phone to be able to connect to Zwift once you have internet access. First - to connect to the available WiFi (if not connected), you will need to access the admin menu on the bike. At the top of the login screen - press and hold at the top of the screen near the time. a number pad will appear and ask for the PIN number. The PIN is 2406. You will then be taken to a settings area where you can login to the WiFi. Now assuming the bike is now connected to Wifi, the next challenge is to connect to Zwift. On the screen of the SkillBike, select login, open the mywellness app on your phone and use the bar code setting in the top right of the phone screen to scan the barcode that appears on the screen of the bike. The SwiftBike screen will change with a successful login. At the top right of the new screen on the bike you can view the connections. Now open Zwift on the device (ipad/apple tv/mac) you are using and it should display up the bluetooth information that the bike is now transmitting. On the Zwift screen connect to the appropriate devices (HR/Cadence/Power/Controllable) and you are set to go. Hope this makes sense.

Wow, I’m sure after you do it a few times, it won’t be so daunting.