Setting Technogym Skillbike with Zwift Android

Hello everybody,
need please some help about setting the Technogym Skillbike with Zwift android device.
Without pedaling, I log in MyWellness account, then start Zwift on mobile, log in ok, pairing with skillbike ok (my skillbike shows up in the list of available devices and pairing is successfull).
The problem is the following: when I start pedaling, Skillbike shows speed and power,
but on mobile display my Zwift avatar does not move, stands still!
Any sugggestions / guides on how to get this working?


I have been having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy. Tried multiple times and it never worked.

I have resorted to using my ipad which works perfectly. Seems to be an android issue vs. iOS.


Thank Rodrigo for your answer! I’ll try to use some Apple device .-)

I am having the same issue with my iPad. Use to not have a problem sinking. Not just an Android issue. Amazingly the computer pad / screen they used on the skillbike is an Android device.