Technogym Skillbike with Zwift iOS

Hi Paula. Which tablet mount are you using?

Hi all,

thought I should chip in. After some serious deliberation decided to jump for the skillbike and based on the comments above started to connect everything. So far, everything works like a charm following these steps:

  • Log in to the skillbike using the Technogym “My Wellness” app on the Iphone
  • Startup Zwift on the Ipad and the Zwift app recognizes the Skillbike without issues. I am also using a Wahoo TICKR to monitor my heart rate and that is recognized as well.
  • The skillbike will recognize that Zwift wants to connect, you need to press “agree”
  • the screen on the skillbike will change to a generic mode with the cadence, power, power balance and gears.
  • Start pedalling and the feedback from Zwift is recognized by the Skillbike

I will keep you updated as things progress but so far (apart from one connection drop) I did not have any issues.

Hi Paula. I know your post was from a long time ago but having just purchased a SkillBike I’m just wondering which product you purchased to sit your tablet over the console as in your picture. It looks very good.

Hi Timo, did you manage to get a decent mount for the tablet? Did Paula respond?

Just recieved the Skillbike today - setup was instant possible - everything went smooth for the start - will keep you updated

Just finished a freeride as well as a ERG Mode ride with the Skillbike that was connected through Bluetooth with my AppleTV - all smooth