HELP! New rider here, can't get Zwift to work in the gym on the Wattbike

Help! Ive just switched over to Zwift from Sufferfest, and the last 2 nights I have sat down on the Wattbike at the gym, made sure wifi and bluetooth are both on and connected, go to the app (I am on an iPhone 7 using IOS 13.2), connect the bike (power and cadence) my heart rate monitor, select a ride and then as soon as I go to start it, it crashes.

Any thoughts? I am so excited to try this, and it’s getting rather frustrating!

When opening the Zwift app skip the pairing screen when it first comes up. Just select Just Watch and pick your world and course. Once you enter the world click on menu and then the pairing screen and then wake up your devices and pair them.

Make sure you are not pedaling the Wattbike until after you are in the world.

Read this thread on the issue: Oct 16 update - crash iOS 13.1.2

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