Wattbike Connection

Hi I am a New and excited user, I have a wattbike and wanted to connect it, is it a case of connecting the usb cable to the bike and PC or is there any config / setting up needed ? I have connected it but it does not seen to pick anything up?


Hi Andy

I’m using a Wattbike Pro. You need to purchase an ANT+ USB stick for your PC

Hi I have USB ANT + and it is picking up my heart rate monitor OK but is not recognising anything from the Wattbike.

The PC is ~3 feet away from the bike and connected via the PC usb cable (I have tried with it disconnected also)

is there anything I am missing?

Latest Wattbike firmware?

You need the Wattbike ANT Channel set to SPC + PWR

3 feet should be okay, but are you able to move in closer to check?

You don’t need to connect the PC USB cable…

I think I have the older model A computer, so may not have this abilty:-(

Yes, model B only… You can upgrade, but it’s not cheap

£350 for a PX computer, puts this out of reach for me, looks like by Zwift days are numbered before they have started:-(

I have a Garmin ANT + USB stick for sale now though:-)

Simon, sorry to bother you mate but when you pair your Wattbike with Zwift, what pairs ? I thought it should be a Smart Trainer, but on mine it just searches and finds bnothing. It will pair with the power, cadence or classic, but not Smart - just wondered what yours did? I’ve been using the setup and until today the speed. watts and distance on Zwift were very close to the wattbike but today 20 miles on the WB was only 16 on Zwift and the power was well down so something strange has happened! Any advice greatly apprecaited

So I take it with a wattbike the resistance is manually controlled 

Yes… It means that you vary your power output by altering your cadence probably more than you would on the road, but generally it works really well

Sorry Va Va Voom probably a bit late, but I can’t help with that one


Hi Zwifters, 

I have a ROX bike computer with ANT+ speed and cadence sensors. 

I also have the CABLE (Connect ANT to BLE) connector, which in principle should allow an app on my iPhone 7 to receive the ANT+ sensor signals. 

It was possible to connect the CABLE with my iphone using Bluetooth, but it does not look like the iOS Zwift app can recognize my ANT+ sensors still. 

Question: Does anyone know if any of these components are incompatible? 



Please disregard the post above: I had forgotten to download the CABLE App after which I had no problems connecting with the Rox sensors and got my first test ride logged on Zwift! ;-)