Advice on setup

Hi all

I’m new to Zwift and trying to work my way through getting set up but seeing a lot of conflicting information online so struggling.

I have a Wattbike Atom next gen. I got it all set up and working via Bluetooth on the pc yesterday, it was in as a controllable device.

But when I hit a hill nothing seemed to change, I just stayed in the same gear and it didn’t get harder. Is there something else I’m supposed to have done or should I try getting an ant+ dongle?


What is your Trainer Difficulty set to (in Zwift’s settings)?

I haven’t changed it (didn’t want to mess around with too many settings before fully understanding) so it is still set in the middle as default.

Im presuming you have disconnected from the wattbike hub as you cant connect to both via BT.

Though saying that, Im sure there was an issue with Zwift\Atom when your connecting via BT & Win 10 though im prepared to be wrong… When you go through the set up, does it pick the atom up as controllable trainer?
You could test via a ipad or phone connecting to zwift directly to test

Thanks for the reply. No, I’m not connected to Wattbike Hub or anything else. It definitely registers it as power, cadence and controllable in zwift via bluetooth.

I just tried with zwift on the iPhone and that does seem better so I think it might be a Windows bluetooth thing, I had seen some talk of that being an issue but nothing conclusive. I might get an ant+ dongle to try that out as they aren’t expensive.

Only thing I find with Ant+ is it is susceptible to drop outs…

I use Bluetooth on an Apple TV for racing as it’s solid and never drops out… But I find workouts with Apple TV & Atom really painful and frustrating so switch to Ant+ and Pc as I have no issues with that… it’s weird and frustrating but I find the mixed set up works for me…

what type of ride were you in? if it was a workout - the resistance will not change on hills.

with 50% trainer difficulty you should definitely be feeling a hill on any non-workout ride, unless your “controllable” is not connected properly on title screen. check connections mid ride by moving mouse and clicking menu to ensure it is connected.

if using bluetooth or ANT+ on PC, make sure you buy an extension cable so you can place the dongle as close to your trainer as possible. ideally within 30cm or 1m of your trainer or so.

also try contacting wattbike support, if you just spent 1 grand plus on something and it ain’t working, getting in contact with manufacturer for troubleshooting is first port of call.

It was a proper ride not a workout. I’ll give the ant+ a go initially and then get in contact with Wattbike if I’m still getting nowhere, since it sounds like Zwift does have some issues with Windows bluetooth, cheers.

You probably read the support article here

or here, sorry I know nothing about Wattbike generations… this is probably for older Wattbike Atom…

It also often helps to make sure that you are on the latest version of the firmware