Wattbike Atom - Connecting BLE to Zwift, Connecting ANT+ to Wattbike Hub

Hey there,

I just sold my old trainer to a buddy and got the Wattbike Atom, and I’m trying to set it up such that I can run Zwift and the Wattbike Hub app simultaneously, so I can keep an eye on pedaling efficiency and try to improve that while I’m riding around in Zwift.

I currently have an Apple TV in my workout room, and I’d like to leave the BLE connection setup between the Wattbike and the Apple TV for Zwifting. That’s all working well enough and I don’t want to change that out.

I’m thinking I’m going to want to buy an ANT+ compatible Android tablet to leave on the Atom and use it for the ANT+ connection to Wattbike Hub, but I don’t know anything about Android tablets, and am not sure this is going to work.

Does anyone have a similar setup and know if simultaneous BLE and ANT+ connections work on the Atom, and if so, what’s the cheapest 8" or larger tablet I can buy that will support this setup?

Also, I’ve seen that there are old 30-pin ANT+ adapters for Apple iOS, and then dongles that convert those to lightning connectors. Those seem like they’re constantly on the verge of being cut off by the next Apple update, so I’m not sure if I want to try that route, I’d rather spend the same money on an ANT+ compatible tablet I think.

Any ideas?

Edit: found this as well: https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/wattbike-atom-and-tr-app-at-same-time/21655 I’m looking to do something similar for Zwift, just without buying a laptop, would prefer to just buy a tablet that’s ANT+ compatible and set it up similarly.

Sorry, forgot to add that I’m aware this list of ANT+ compatible Android devices exists: https://www.thisisant.com/directory/filter/~/60/~/ but I was hoping to find someone that’d already setup their Atom for dual connectivity and could confirm which model was working for them.

Viiiii HRM converts Ant+ to Bluetooth and rebroadcasts it. I see Zwift insider did a write up on it and so has DCRainmaker.

I’m not sure how that would help in this scenario, could you give a little bit more detail into what you think I could setup differently?

You could convert the Ant+ signal to Bluetooth and then it would be much easier to find a device.

I don’t really want another heart rate monitor, and I really don’t enjoy chest straps. I may try the CABLE device I saw in another thread, though for the money I’m going to give a shot at just using a tablet with native ANT+ capability and see how that goes with connecting up Wattbike Hub. Will report back when it arrives.

Hi Nightyear, did you get a resolution? Like you I have a wattbike and I’d like 2 devices connected, one via ble (ipad/zwift) and the other via ant+ (laptop/wattbike hub).

Note, I can do it the other way round but the graphics on my laptop are poor and you don’t get the changing gear data on PC.


I didn’t get a resolution, WattBike support took months to reply and finally said that simultaneous dual connectivity like this is not supported.

Honestly I’m really frustrated and disappointed in both Zwift and Wattbike in terms of their support and fixing bugs. I’ve had a few bugs reported for over a year now and no ETA in sight of fixing them. "Free ride" sections of workouts don't disengage ERG mode on Wattbike Atom - #50 by Alex_Walton If anyone asks me if Wattbike is actually supported in Zwift I will tell them it’s not. Regret the purchase and looking for another platform.

Can I second that? I find it infinitely frustrating that I can’t use the best thing about the Wattbike (the Hub and pedalling efficiency score) at the same time as I use Zwift (which keeps me sane on long rides). Why can’t these two get it together? Zwift plus Wattbike ought to be brilliant, but I think Wattbike simply don’t get it and I have stopped recommending them to my mates who are looking for a smart bike.