Wattbike Atom (NG) pairing problems

Good morning,

I got a Wattbike recently and have been trying to get it to work with Zwift. According to all the information I can find, it should be very easy, but I have had no luck at all connecting Wattbike and Zwift via Bluetooth and mobile device as described in all the online documentation.

I have tried clearing all bluetooth connections and ensuring nothing is running in the background, but whatever I do I cannot pair the devices. I have tried Wattbike support and found them somewhat wanting in their service.

If someone could point me in an appropriate direction, that would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

I have a 1st generation Wattbike Atom and have had zero problems pairing it, however I use Ant+ rather than Bluetooth.

I have an Ant+ dongle connected into a USB extender which sits directly under the front of my bike.

I’m sure someone will be able to offer you support Bluetooth wise, but it would help to know what sort of set up you are using PC, Mac, iOS, etc.

The basics first, you know you cant connect to the Hub & Zwift over Bluetooth at the same time? Its one or the other unless you get a 3rd party device.

Start the Atom first, then turn on zwift…

Hi Lee, Thankyou for your response. I will see how that works :slight_smile:

Hi James, I was looking to connect to Zwift on Android via S20 Ultra running Android 11. Main issue is that although the Wattbike is set as ‘device available’ it will not pair.

I have the same phone (I think I’m running Android 12??). Let me have a play around and I’ll see how it behaves with mine.

Do not forget - you need to switch on location service for BLE!?!


Milan, I switched it on and it has detected the bike. Thank you so much.