wattbike atom issue

I cant get zwift to pair with wattbike atom. Please help


Need more info.

What kind of device are you using?

Are you connecting it using BLE or ANT+?

The more info you give us the faster we can assist in getting you up and running.

Hi. I’m trying to pair through BLE on Microsoft Surface pro 3

Make sure that the Atom is not connect to any other device or app before connecting it to Zwift, this includes the Mac and/or phone. Bluetooth can only connect to one device/app at a time.

Bluetooth is not supported on windows laptops directly, but we do support it via our companion app “Zwift Mobile Link”.   Grab it on your android or iOS phone and log in. That’ll then act as a bluetooth beacon for your windows laptop running Zwift.

Sorry for the work around, windows bluetooth has long been a sore spot for the OS and we’re currently looking for ways to implement it just like we have on android, OSX, iOS, and tvOS.

Thanks Jon, I miss read that as a MacBook pro. Too much work this time of year.

Hi I’ve just got connected via iPad and onto TV screen 

I’m totally new to zwift, the gears on the atom seem not to function so on the flat rides round London I spin out at about 100w with 110 cadence. 

If I thin stop pedalling I stop on screen and can’t move till the resistance ‘comes back’ after a stand still, 

what am I doing wrong?

shouldnt I be able to downshift and increase the resistance to the pedalling and go faster ?

This is a known issue (found out the hard way)

Apparently they are working on an update that will be realised *soon*

A workaround is to connect via ANT + to the laptop


Right ok. Also found help on DcRainmakers blog. He suggests it might be due to atom connecting to power meter and cadence and interactive trainer all at once. So I’m going to try with that. I remain hopeful that software upgrades will sort it out.

Would that be a soft wear fix by swift or Wattbike

I really don’t care but the bad press Wattbike are getting now as their deliveries hit the ground and unhappy customers get frustrated must be worrying to them.

Thank you Zwift and or Wattbike. The latest firmware updates this week have fixed my connectivity issue. I can now enjoy Zwift and I love it!