Connecting Watt bike atom to Zwift via apple TV

Apologies if this is an already covered topic but all the forum posts I saw previously were close to what I am trying to achieve but not 100% same

So to date I have been using my 2 year old watt bike atom to connect to zwift via my microsoft surface pro laptop and it has worked prefectly - cadence, HR and watts all groovy

But recently bought the next gen apple TV (as no longer want to move laptop down to man cave when training) and despite accessing my zwift log on on the TV - the apple TV unit and the watt bike refuse to talk to one another

Is there an additional step I am missing?

Should I delete my zwift profile off the laptop?

Or should I connect to apple TV via the companion app on my phone (thought the new generation negated need to do this)

Thanks for the advice folks - work everyday with IT and it still breaks my heart!


Does the Wattbike have Bluetooth? (BLE is the only connection method for ATV.) If so, does the Wattbike happen to still be connected to your Surface, or any other device? (BLE can only connect to one device at a time.)

Hi Lin - thanks for this … my problem is not connecting the watt bike to Zwift - already have that set up

My issue is getting apple TV to read the data from my watt bike when I am using it to Zwift

Any ideas?

Hi Nigel

Thanks for your time

Yes so it is a watt bike atom so does have BLE … think you might be onto something - as even though surface is not in the room (or switched on) … believe the atom is paired to my phone via bluetooth …

so will disable all around me and try connecting the watt bike to ATV on its down



If it is connected, then you are saying you do not have any issues with the pairing screen in Zwift. When you pair something (e.g,. power, HR, cadence), aside from it showing as paired, you can see the values change in real-time there on the pairing screen. For example, if you pedal, the power and cadence values should change appropriately.

If the above is not the case, then either you are not connected to the Apple TV or maybe Nigel is correct in that you probably still have the bike connected to the Surface Pro or something else.

I have the WattBike and Apple TV working. The only connection issue i had was my wattbike auto connecting to my iPad and iPhone which i had to turn off before it would see the Apple TV.

Could be something similar here? Try disconnecting your surface, and your phone (if you use the companion app)