BLE connection issues with Wattbike Atom

Evening Zwifters

I have the latest Wattbike Atom working with my apple tv. For some reason out of the blue ble has started to play up. I can connect like i normally do with ble but when you pedal there is nothing. So i changed it to pair with zwift companion app and that works for a short time and then it loses connection. I am trying to do my interval training via training peaks so i need this to be working correctly.

For the last 18 months or so i havd had no issues whatsoever wirh anything then out of the blue this now appears.

Can anyone help me please? TIA

I cant help but I am having the same issue on my Wattbike Atom (generation 1). I can connect via bluetooth but there is no power or cadence reading. So then i try on Companion App and the readings sometimes work but then just stop. Its driving me mad

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