Wattbike Atom to Apple Tv connection issues

Hi all,

My dad recently got a Wattbike Atom and an Apple TV 4k so that I can try get him sorted on Zwift during the winter. I’ve been getting a load of headache trying to get it to connect! (It’s Bluetooth connection)

The Wattbike connects to their own app and transmits data absolutely fine, but when I try to get it connected to the Apple TV on Zwift it says connected but no signal… It’s so frustrating because I seem to be so close to having it done.

No other device is connected to the Wattbike and any interference points should have been sorted. Are there any similar issues with this? I’ve searched through but not seen this


Noel, I have exactly the same problem. Brand new Wattbike Atom and Apple TV 4k. The Wattbike connects to and runs Zwift on my iPad no problem. Although the Wattbike connects to the AppleTV and registers in the Zwift app. I immediately get “No Signal”, hence no participation.

To check whether it’s a problem with the Zwift app, I loaded the FulGaz app on AppleTV but that immediately lost signal also. So unfortunately I think that this is a problem between the Atom and the AppleTV.

The best I’ve been able to do is “mirror” the iPad onto my TV via the Apple TV, but that’s not visually a great experience and not what I signed up for.

Thanks for the details! The Wattbike is no longer paired to Wattbike Hub app when you go to pair it with Zwift correct? Have you all tried using Zwift Companion to connect your Wattbike to your Apple TV to see if that works? Here’s a guide on how to do that: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/zwift-companion-app-(cycling)-HJxMlC1bHQ

Cheers for the replies.

Mitchell - it’s actually good to know someone else is in the same boat in all honesty, I was going mad trying to connect it. Next time I’m there I’ll try it with FulGaz as well and see if it works. Either way I’ve emailed Wattbike to see if there’s a known issue. If there is I’ll post it up here.

Vincent - the Atom was disconnected from the Wattbike Hub app at the time. When I’m back at the weekend I’ll try to connect it via the Zwift Companion app. I’ve got a feeling I actually tried it but didn’t have any luck, but I might not have had it running properly.

Dear Noel,

I too am having exactly the same issues as you with my wattbike and 4k apple tv and its driving me mad. All my iphones and and ipads link up fine but when trying to hook the bike up to zwift on the apple tv, the signal just goes even though the bike is name is visible.

It is reasuring to know i am not alone although o just spent a lot of money and it winds me up that this has become such a chore.

Did you ever find a work around for this in the end. Any advice would be really welcome but ive tried everything you have.



Good news, Wattbike support came back to me today and a copy of their fix instruction is below. Just applied it and it worked…

Thank you for your patience whilst our digital team worked hard for a fix to rectify this issue.

I can confirm a new firmware has recently been launched onto both the Android and iOS app stores that will rectify the issue you have been experiencing. Please ensure you connect to your Atom with the latest App version 3.5.1 and connect to your Atom via the Wattbike Hub. This will trigger a firmware update on your bike and will enable you to connect your iPhone 8, X and XS.

Further to this, this firmware will also resolve an issue some users may have been experiencing with their Apple TV 4K’s whereby this was displaying a ‘No Signal’ message when attempting to connect to their Atom.

Mitchell - thanks for the update! Only just seen it. I’ve tried it and it works! Very happy man

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for trying to sort it this issue out. I am happy that Noel has sorted his problem.

I however am still stuck. I must be doing something wrong as your work around worked for Noel.

My zwift app on the apple tv 4k did the update. But the version isnt 3.5.1 it seems. Do i need to update the app again. I have deleted and reinstalled but still nothing. The wattapp hub app seems to recongnise the bike but not zwift on the apple tv.

Any chance you could explain exactly what i have to do in an idiots guide kind of way so i know im doing it right.

I am sure it will work now you and the wattbike team have created this fix and its probably me not doing it right even though it should be an easy set up process.

Thanks again


Hi @Marek_Phillips, the issue doesn’t have anything to do with the Zwift app. It’s the Wattbike app that you need to update. When you’ve done that - on an iPad for example - open the Wattbike app and connect it to your Wattbike. The Wattbike app. will tell you that a firmware update is needed for your Watbike and the app will then download and install that update, pretty straightforward and quick to do. When you’ve done updating the Wattbike, go back in to Zwift and you’ll find that everything connects and works fine. Hope that makes sense.