How do I Connect to Apple TV with Watt Bike Atom

Dear All,


Please forgive my ignorance on this, I’m a newbie and want to connect my Atom to a TV screen either via apple TV or with a HDMI cable from my Ipad to my TV (Screen Mirroring)

My confusion is that I believe that my watt bike already uses Bluetooth to connect to my device so a 2nd Bluetooth connection isn’t then possible??

Any advice / experience of connecting a wattbike atom to a TV would really be appreciated.


Thanks In Advance




What else are you using with Zwift.  They are using the Atom at my class on Zwift.  The Atom connects to the Apple TV and Zwift runs on the screen in front of me.  I dont use anything else.

Thanks Steve, I have now realised that the Apple TV I have supports 3 Bluetooth connections ( I only thought it was one) so all good and getting on with training.


Thanks for taking the time to assist.