Direct Wattbike connection

Why not allow Zwift to be connected directly to a wattbike via usb? Save having to get a dongle or the problems people are having with them…(I can’t get mine to work even though it’s usb2)

Only the Wattbike model B computer is ANT+ compatible

Yes Wattbike model B is compatible but if you could attach directly you wouldn’t need the dongle. Same goes for a lot of trainers I would think. Oh and my dongle wasn’t usb2 so now I have the correct dongle it works fine, still doesn’t take away the fact that connectingly directly avoids all issues and potential extra cost for people

Hi Danny, I see you have a Wattbike and was just wondering if you are posting significantly slower averages than your friends using other trainers? I am and it is frustrating to say the least. Any advice to rectify this? I’ve tried emailing zwift but as yet haven’t had a reply and I’m reluctant to sign up now my free trial has expired if these issues continue. Anyway here’s hoping. Btw I’ve got the model b computer and latest wattbike.

Hi Jonny, can’t say I’ve noticed to be honest. Power and cadence match the watt bike output, speed is obviously dependent on gradient but it seems to be ok. What you don’t get is direct feedback so as you go uphill it doesn’t get harder, you just go slower. This could be part of it?