Wattbike Atom, Win 10, ANT+ ERG issue

There is an outstanding issue with the Atom and Windows 10 bluetooth, but I am seeing this issue with Ant+ and the Atom\Win10

Last 2 workouts I have attempted have both followed the same pattern whereas before the previous update this worked fine:

Win 10

Pair devices (Atom & HR) to Wattbike Hub via Bluetooth no issues to IOS 14.4

Pair devices to Zwift on Win 10 via Ant+ with no issues

Choose workout (erg enabled)

Start Hub session, start Zwift Ride

(Up to this point, this works fine until previous update and continues to work fine for non-ERG sessions)

Zwift controlled ERG does not auto kick in for the start of the session and Zwift fails to pair HR

I can use the hub to change gear or can manually control erg wattage via the hub

Zwift shows ERG enabled in both client and companion app - Toggling this on or off has no impact on the wattbike resistance and control.

Zwift ERG automatically kicks in on 08:30 mins along with HR – Same timeframe on both sessions

From 08:30 mins Zwift is now controlling the Atom and everything works as expected.

Is this a known bug? It wasnt there prior to the last update.