Windows 10: Resistance issues

I have started to experience problems with the automatic change of resistance in both normal rides and also workouts with ERG while using Windows 10 to my Wattbike Atom. I have tested with both ANT+ and BLE and although the controllable is detected and connected, the resistance is not changing in the game. When I switch to using Zwift on my iphone or Macbook (with same Ant+ dongle), the resistance changes as expected.
I have tried with two different Windows 10 machines, a laptop and desktop PC and have the same issue on both.

Has anyone else experienced this? This has only started happening in the past couple of weeks so wonder if this is due to a windows 10 or Zwift update. Any suggestions welcome.

I’ve had the same issue, it works ok with the companion app but then you don’t get the gears displayed.

HI, have either of you found any further solutions to this? I just bought a windows 10 machine and having ERG mode issues… hoping we get a patch from Zwift but most likely due to a Windows upgrade…

I ended up buying a different ANT+ dongle (Garmin) this then fixed my issues.

yep, I’ve just got an ANT+ dongle and it seems to be the best solution. cheers

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