Weird ERG/resistance right after last patch

I patched the other day and then went on to a group workout but had to abandon in the second segment as ERG mode wouldn’t increase the Watts but rather stayed in the grey warmup segment zone.

What to do? I needed a workout and was short on time, so I signed up for a TT race starting just a couple of minutes later. Trainer was acting a bit funny during pre-race warmup, too much resistance. It would sort itself once the race started, I hoped, but it didn’t.

I raced in some kind of semi-ERG mode where changing gears would matter a little but not much. It was somewhat like riding with TD 0% yet different somehow. It sort of adapted the resistance nicely to what I was doing. Actually, it was kind of well suited for a TT race, which I incidentally happened to win (that doesn’t happen a lot). :joy: So it felt a bit like cheating. Not that the Watts weren’t completely normal, they were, there just wasn’t much competition. But still. It even had me thinking what if you could make modern outdoor gears work this way, it would almost be preferable.

So… what happened? Any ideas? Have stayed outdoors since because of nice weather and am a bit worried the next Zwift ride will be the same. (Riding a recently calibrated Kickr Core via ANT+ over PC and some BT peripherals/wearables connected to the mobile app.)

Upload your log file from that group workout to and check if you are having pairing connectivity problems. Zwift support can also see some data that would say whether that’s the case. If you are, these resources might help:

Thanks, I will try that. I have been thinking my stuff might be getting close to end of their life cycle. Worst case, could be it. Hopefully, it’s the ANT dongle or something and not the trainer just yet. Still, something like this happening right after a patch is a bit suspicious though. We’ll see.

If the trainer is failing, you should be able to replicate the problem by doing ERG mode rides in the Wahoo app. If that happens you can often get good support from Wahoo even if it’s out of warranty. That doesn’t sound like the most likely scenario to me because pairing connectivity problems are much more common, and are affected by all the other stuff in your home, or your neighbor’s home if they are nearby.

Hi @Andreas_Traff Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift, I wanted to see if I could identify Bluetooth issues in the generated game logs, there isn’t anything obvious to tell us that it could be a signal interference issue, but slight fluctuations can happen, and following our fellow Zwifter’s tips wouldn’t harm at all.

I also think that your next step is to do some tests in the Wahoo Fitness App with ERG Mode On and try different combinations like pairing over Bluetooth and ignoring the ANT+ Dongle just to test the results.

Of course, it’d be a great idea to contact Wahoo Support because of the nature of your issue, but please know that we’re always happy to help out if you contact us.