Wattage drops to zero

Hi! During my rides, my wattage frequently drops to zero. I’ve removed the battery from my quarq power meter and moved the Garmin pairing device close (8ft) but I continue to lose power. My wifi appears to be strong as there aren’t any disruptions to the monitor (everyone rips by me). Btw, this isn’t a new issue. This happened months ago too (been a while since I’ve ridden…)

Any help is appreciated!



Hi Brad,

This sounds like a typical signal transmission problem. How far is the Ant+ dongle from your trainer? 

In 99% of cases this issue is fixed by using USB extension cable and bringing the Ant+ dongle closer to your trainer. The cable shouldn’t be longer than 10ft for electric resistance reasons (unless active cable is used) and also some cheap USB cables might not work for same reason (even shorter than 10ft). You can always get Zwift tested cable and some other goodies from our online shop. :slight_smile:



I have a similar problem. For whatever reason, my power meter comes and goes with the Ant+ Dongle. I don’t have any problems using the speed/cadence sensor though. My Garmin and my phone don’t have problems picking up my Stages meter. Is this likely a Zwift issue or a power meter problem. @Brad, do you find the same thing with a speed sensor and Zwift’s estimated power working?

I have the same problem. I have a Mac and my stages cuts in and out. It reads fine with my garmin but not zwift???!!???

I have the same problem  Mathew & William  stages power meter drop out and i have an i mac

I have actually solved the problem with the USB extension cord. The dongle now sits directly below my bottom bracket and it picks up the power. Not sure why it works that way. Maybe the signal from Stages just isn’t as strong. In any event, I strongly suggest doing the same because having the actual power data works much better for me than the estimated power.

Thanks everyone for the advice. Moving the Ant dongle closer to the crank fixed the problem (Garmin cadence sensor) and for a fiver the USB extension worked just as well without the inconvenience of keeping the laptop nearby. The neighbours can stop complaining about the language now.